For the new year, do something simple, relaxing, and healthy for your eyes...
Preserve your vision by looking into the distance, which relaxes the muscles - if you are sensitive enough, you can actually feel tension vanish inside your head when you do this.

Specifically, take two minute breaks every 45 minutes.
Look outside for enormous, distant, scenery.

Mountains, clouds, and the horizon work brilliantly!

Though your eyes are one of the fastest-healing parts of your body, the slow assault of close distance work can make them more and more myopic.

Yes, I know from experience.

NOTE: the challenge for most people is to actually take the next step and start using a timer device of some kind!

Right now, go ahead and do a search for "free online timer," pick something, and implement it on your workstation.
Your eyes will thank you, right?

thanks from ifranks

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