The Timebridge tool (from a subsidiary of Yahoo) eliminates the "coordination" requisite for meeting with two or more people.

By the way, one of Alan Moore's characters, Jonni Future, also uses a ficticious "Timebridge" device...

...and my friend Shazia was also impressed with my Web 2.0 geekiness
during her recent visit. Wow! Shazia! Impressed! Wow!
Online and phone meetings just got easier; try it for yourself!

As expected, the emails sent are coded so that click-throughs automatically identify the Attendee for the meeting.

This is similar to the coding in Messages from Basecamp Project Management, wherein reply emails get attached to Basecamp Message threads.

Web-based software vendors could utilize similar technology as an alternative to the BCC idea when users need to coordinate meetings.
Frank has invited you to a
meeting:Click this link
to reply: from
Frank:========================Please click the "Reply" link to enter your
availability for this me

Timebridge is definitely one of those "killer applications" because it is so quick, simple, and effective!

It can even "reach into" meeting attendees' calendars to find open time slots. Nifty, eh?

NOTE: In practice, people are currently a bit reluctant to believe that it is actually quick, simple, and effective. To wit, the application never requires new users to "create an account," which in my view is one of the best features!

Service is free, and users can opt to pay for their online meeting service (ala GoToMeeting from Citrix or NetMeeting from Microsoft). Let's keep an eye on how well they are doing when it comes to attracting cash, ya? Yahoo?
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  1. Some visitors were curious about how I prepare client offices for webinar online meetings.

    Usually, the blurb I send out a day or two before the meeting is something like the following two options:

    * Multiple participants are welcome to use their own workstations and computer headsets during training to save your office long distance charges
    * Software must be successfully loaded and running on at least one workstation at the office
    * all workstations must have the most current version of Internet Explorer
    and fast Internet connection via wired LAN connection

    * Computer in the meeting room with:
    - computer speakers and microphone to save your office long distance charges
    - Software successfully loaded and running
    - current version of Internet Explorer
    - fast Internet connection and wired LAN connection
    * Projector (optional) for ease-of-viewing

    THANK YOU – Please reply with who will be participating;
    let me know what specific questions you might have about the system;
    I'll be calling you soon and look forward to working with your office!

    P.S. FURTHER TRAINING - Some topics ought to be considered for follow-up training after your initial training is complete.
    We would be happy to make further suggestions to you in the near future.

    Thus, the entire meeting could be done with different participants taking-over the controls for different topics - whether they are at their own workstations
    ...or playing "musical chairs" in their boardroom.

    Another bonus is that there could be $0.00 in long distance charges,
    because conversations can happen over GoToMeeting's VOIP system.
    NOTE: In practice, most offices still prefer to use a landline.

    In either style of webinar, this is great "food for thought" for any offices that want their staff to avoid getting travel-related illnesses, reduce the cost of airfare, and minimize lieu days accrued from travel.

  2. Anonymous23/6/09

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