Who would argue with the idea that technology makes life better?

windows cell phone similar to apple iphone and itouch

People are walking around with their favorite tunes in their ears, thanks to devices like Apple ipods, Windows-based smart phones, and shareable Microsoft Zunes - they're in happier moods!

More writing to each other is being done, with email replacing the effort, cost, and delay of traditional mail. Way to go hotmail!

More food is being prepared faster so that we can get on with our lives thanks to high efficiency microwave ovens. Mmm good!

Despite all of this, people to people interactions...meetings with "eyes on eyeballs"...still resonate with people. I feel this can be compared to how our brains remember things...

I remember full stories, exciting events, and rich experiences, not the specific reams of text that I skimmed.

Don't get this confused (like I did when I was younger): I was a big collector of all things technical - this was expensive because technology improves so quickly, time consuming because I got into the intricate details of how things worked, and kept me away from real people!

Technology is a mechanism for making life better, so that we can keep in touch with the music, people, and events that we love, yes?

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