What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis

Okay, this is one of my new heroes because he authored a brilliant book...

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Teach, market, and work the "Google" way for the next several years with some contemporary concepts!
Warning: some of the innovative and down-to-earth ideas might make some people cringe, perhaps because they are such a true depiction of how people learn nowadays.
This book is an "easy read," and the first half contains very keen insights about how to improve profits (across industries) today through Google.
After reading about the future of sales, I considered how experiential marketing, brand awareness, and advertising is becoming a more essential part of the Google world. I mean, how would anyone know what to type in the search box without marketing?

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The latter chapters have some proposed models for the way the world might work in the future, and I noted how formal training, education, and continuing education is already changing into a more self-taught "Google" paradigm. Today, education is still a hot commodity - I think it can be kept "hot" with some of the following ideas, for starters:
  • integrating WWGD? advice for both learners and instructors
    (like requiring less rote memorization per se)
  • motivating institutions to establish creative marketing partnerships,
    especially with respect to helping companies to develop their staff effectively;
    Continuing Education, anyone?
  • flexing the requirements for instructors when it comes to
    tenure, research, and field experience
Go ahead! Type some brilliant words into the Google box, and you get millions of results for products to buy, topics to learn, and incredible new experiences.

Oh boy, I wonder if the library needs my copy back yet?

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