Classroom Hero Cultivates Global Citizens

When students at Homestead Middle School enter Adewale Alonge's agriculture class, they often aren't enthused. They come from families of mostly Hispanic migrant workers. They've likely spent hours in the fields near Miami, Fla. watching their parents work. Agriculture is something they know, too well. It's something they want to escape from.

As an immigrant from Nigeria, Alonge knows how difficult it is for them to think past their circumstances, about a life beyond the next harvest.

But in his classroom, a few plants can quickly become a field of dreams.


Vera Rubin and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes are won, but I was rooting for astronomer Vera Rubin, now 82, whose quiet, unassuming demeanor might seem incongruent with her extraordinary career in science.


Students fined for being late for class
We might be changing out named to five dollar bills if the trend in Salt Lake City continues... A school will be allowing students to choose between a $5 fine or 30 minutes of detention for being late to class. The fees will go to pay the teachers who need to watch the kids in detention.The idea itself seems interesting -- but how about a dual policy that fines boring / ineffective teachers and reimburses the students for wasting their time.Pros: students learn early that money will buy you out of most any trouble.Cons: less advantaged students end up serving detention and the wealthier peers simply pay the fine.STORY: Students at East High School will be charged $5 for being late to class
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Students fined for being late for class
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